Our Story

The idea of Lucky Love crossed my mind in 2012 while I was pursuing retail arbitrage (purchasing branded products and reselling in the marketplace). I know it sounds crazy that I would run all around town daily, hit up stores based on their markdown schedules, purchase products and then resell them online. But I was desperate to “stay at home” with my family while adding income to our monthly budget.

Fast forward one year later, not only was I growing weary of this schedule, but our then 2 year was over hanging out in the cart while mommy worked! ☺ But thanks to the lessons learned and knowledge I had acquired about the retail industry, I had an idea brewing that I knew could be a success.

Later in 2013, Lucky Love was launched! Our mission at Lucky Love is to keep the busy mom, housewife and working woman on trend while running errands on the weekends or taking kids to the next event!  You will find an array of stylish + comfortable wears designed by women just like you. YES…we love to celebrate those women who have it all together and look fabulous in anything they wear ☺…but for most of us, we have a thing or two we might change. We want you to feel and look amazing while dropping your kids at school, having lunch with friends, going on a date with your husband or enjoying that much needed time lounging at home.

Over these last few years we have found that there are a lot of other women who want to be cute, casual and comfortable too! We have continued to focus on quality + affordability by working with some of the best suppliers to manufacture our products, while continuing to cut out the middlemen you find in most retail chains and sell directly to you to keep pricing affordable. Because of this, we have grown to be a thriving small business with a national presence.

Of course I love the clothing and accessories that we develop at Lucky Love, but one of the best parts of this business is getting to work with and encourage the women (some who are moms too) who have joined this team.  As you connect with us through email, phone or on social, remember…

We are real women, who use our products every single day and we expect the best to pass along to you!